Saturday, December 26, 2020


Arikflow song Enimatik music

Arikflow was my first single in this new creative stage of my life and the beginning of the chill series. It is a message of overcoming adversity, of resilience, of hope. With this song I began a series of songs with a very defined character, marked by the sad situation that affects us all and that, in my particular case, has meant an inner rediscovery.

In Arikflow I've tried mixing classic synths with subtle guitar melodies, all alongside a powerful but not aggressive rhythm section. A deep bass line and an impetuous piano make up the character of this song. 

I love Arikflow's final mix, I think I achieved a good balance between all the instruments and an equalization that brought out the most beautiful in each one. And I like the piano pad preset that I use as a solo instrument, I think it brings a special character and great depth to the melody of the song.

Released on July 3th, it will always be a special song for me, the first of this new creative stage. Inspired no doubt by the dire situation affecting the whole world with the bloody pandemic, Arikflow is an expression of my hope for a better future that will certainly come, sooner rather than later. 

After years of silence and forgetfulness, my musical creativity arises again with this song, and this time to stay.

I hope you like it.

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