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New song, and new post. A song with a complex story behind it, with a lot of work over several months, with a new sound. Photosex is...

Perhaps the most complex Enimatik song to date. Complex in many ways, but with a result to be proud of. If I had listened to this song last year when the Enimatik project started, I would have thought it wasn't mine. But an evolution and a history began that you should already know...

Composing Photosex

Well, the truth is that Photosex was really complex to compose, especially for using new sounds of an industrial and dark techno style, and a faster tempo. But these new sounds are really inspiring for me, and as I listened to music on YouTube to get references, I was composing various harmonies and melodies.

One night I found what I was looking for, a melody and chords that gave me something special when I saw photos of Renat and Jane. One of Renat's new photosets caught my attention, it was an evolution of Jane towards the darkness of an urbex location, with a gothic and vampiric theme at the same time. I was fascinated, as so many times before, what those photos conveyed, my beloved Jane. In this post you can see a brief sample of the photoset.

And suddenly, the images fit with the chords and the melody that I had composed, and everything began to flow, the connection was reactivated again...


Simultaneously with the arrangements, structure and accompaniments of the new song, I began to create the lyrics. I have already controlled the ideal tonality for Jane, so I was able to focus on the message, the feeling.

Photosex is a mix between photoset and sex, a reference to Renat and Jane's art in that dark gothic universe that I have discovered thanks to them. The song speaks of many things, concerns, fears, freedom, the influence of the night... possibly the most elaborate Enimatik lyrics so far.

Once I had a demo of the song structured with my reference voice and lyrics, I sent it to Jane, who was ready to record her own voice.


Upon receipt of Jane's recordings, I immediately began mixing the entire song. Previously I had been working on the music, which was already quite advanced. The new darktech style sounds require a very precise balance when equalizing them, care must be taken so that their low frequencies do not mix with the bass and form an inaudible riot.

There are other more classic synth sounds, to which I have tried to add a touch of character via equalization and pan. I have used tube emulation and distortion presets and also tried to widen the stereo range of the sounds, including the voices, as much as possible, thus achieving more space for each of them and a clearer mix.

One of the biggest challenges when mixing sounds as powerful and deep as those that make up Photosex, is to achieve the conjunction of all of them in a range of frequencies as wide as possible, Using such strong bass lines together with synthesizer sounds of Industrial-dubstep style presents a complication when it comes to mixing. Besides, the song uses subtle and delicate sounds for complementary melodies, a resounding rhythmic base with a lot of incidence in the low frequencies spectre, and the voices of Jane and mine. Quite a challenge, right?

It took me several weeks to mix the song, and a whole week to master it. But every day my fascination with what Enimatik was creating grew. Everything fits perfectly, my voice with Jane's, the rhythmic base with the synthesizers... Photosex is a special song, a step forward for Enimatik.

I am also very happy with the result of the mastering, Photosex probably has the best sound I have achieved to date. Perhaps it´s the accumulated experience, the new references, the time spent in tests... the result in my opinion is very good, I have spent several days listening to the master in different places and it has amazed me. 

I have used, as in mixing, tube emulation and distortion presets to give the song as a whole character, I think the synth sounds are some of the most favored of these settings, and the song appreciates it when you master it using them.

The feeling

I still find it hard to believe what is happening. Renat, Jane and I don't know each other in person, but we are creating something awesome together.

The lyrics of Photosex in a certain way speak of them, of the anguish of youth in Russia, of the liberation that is the night, the darkness...

I am so proud of this song, it´s opening new paths for Enimatik, which is exponentially expanding its artistic sensibility thanks to what began just a year ago and I don't know where it will take us...

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