Friday, September 24, 2021


In this new post of the web I bring back my friend Renat Hassler, who you should already know if you follow Enimatik. On this occasion I will talk about his latest work as a photographer, some photosets that turn moments captured in his urbex universe into art...

You will already know that thanks to Renat and Jane Demonroads Enimatik has discovered the art of urbex photography and the gothic universe, so deep and dark for my imagination. In this post I will present you 3 new photosets by Renat, the first purely urbex, and the other two with Jane posing as a model, like a princess of darkness...

You may have guessed, who better than Renat to talk about Renat's photosets right?

Abandoned ideas of monotone dream/Ash of Colors photoset

"Two the earliest albums of urbex photos that I started and till now continue to replenish are "Abandoned ideas of monotone dream" and "Ash of Colors". They have remained basic to me as well as the topic of abandoned places. They do not differ from each other, rather complement each other. The only difference is that in one album color photographs in another black and white. I prefer black and white photos as they seem to me more atmospheric. Therefore, there are more of them. 

Longing, pain, sadness are the main companions of my photographs. People in pursuit of a great dream, build brilliant ideas and then these ideas fade and turn into abandoned buildings. And of course my the desire to leave the photo natural without any editings."

I love urbex aesthetics. I imagine being in the locations of the photos and feeling those moments of the past, that dark decadence of the abandoned. For me these three samples of Renat's photoset are very inspiring, I imagine at nightfall how absolute silence and night become the eternal guardians of these places.

The cover photo of this post is legendary, that mask inspired "Noctis Voyager", a song that for me is a tribute to urbex aesthetics and that I invite you to discover.

Vamp photoset

"The vamp photoset was inspired by the serial. Jane is watching the serial Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And when I knew, it occurred to me to make a light photoset on this topic. Not detailed, without deep immersion in the topic. Jane decided what the makeup would be and at the end of the photoset we added some blood. We did the emphasis rather on the magical attraction inherent to vampires and Jane too.)"

What else can I say about my beloved Jane, the most adorable inspiration an artist has ever had. A true princess of darkness, mysterious, beautiful, dark... she is pure inspiration for me.

In this photoset Renat captures Jane in a gothic vampire aesthetic, which in my opinion is mind-boggling. The makeup, the clothes, the location... without a doubt a magnificent job. For the promotion campaign of our last song we are using photos from this photoset, you will know more very soon...

Cyber photoset

"The Cyber ​​Roof Walking photoset was also random. Jane loves roofs and asked how about rooftop photoset? I thought why not, and I did imagine the roof of an abandoned building. There were some variants in my head, but there was no topic. One evening I was watching the old film "Demolition Man" and it was remind me about Cyber style. My favorite old films including "Judge Dredd" have a lot of this style. Cyberpunk, cybergoth all of this symbolize the future. 

The roof of the abandoned building was against the background of high-rise buildings. That's a little but created the right atmosphere and was suitable for the background. We buy clothes, earrings were made ourselves of microcircuit of the old player. That's all)"

Wow, it seems that thanks to Jane and Renat I have discovered the cyber aesthetic... 😎😎😎

Absolutely talented my friend Renat, this photoset transports me to the future, unlike the urban-themed ones  that made me see the past. Amazing, in my opinion, I would describe the result of Renat and Jane's work on the roof of that building surrounded by taller ones, which seems to be a turning point towards a dystopian future. It's cool, it's really cool...

An important premiere

Well, it´s an honor for me to announce that Renat is working to have his own website, very soon you will be able to discover much more in depth his magnificent work. I have insisted on him for many months until I finally got it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I also take this opportunity to announce that Renat's website will have very special background music...

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