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Noctis Voyager song Enimatik

With Noctis Voyager I start an inner, astral journey, through alternate dimensions, towards the unknown, feared and hidden.

A very special song, a gothic, dark and dramatic ballad, which tells the story of a night traveler in search of the princess of darkness...

After she left and I was alone in that abandoned room, as I narrated in my song Alterlove, it hasn't been long until I have felt again her call. After several sleepless nights, immersed in sadness and loneliness, I have felt her.

Photo by Renat Hassler

Our interdimensional connection has made me feel her through the time of space, from another dimension, gothic and dark, where she is now alone. I know who she is, an angel reincarnated to save me again, like 25 years ago, and now she has left never to return. She saved me once from darkness in my life, I am obliged to save her now from the unknown, of infinite loneliness. I have the feeling that she is in danger, or perhaps, realizing her true nature.

She is gone never to return, but I will not allow it. I will navigate through darkness, through alternate, gloomy, and terrifying dimensions, I am not afraid.

I know I can die on the way, but I don't care, I'll do it in this world if I can't find her. I feel that my whole life in this world has revolved around our meeting 25 years ago, and that now the vital process is going to close, in one way or another.

I remember the taste of her lips, the scent of her skin, the desire in her divine body, the supernatural passion that possessed us the first time we were together. And the tender taste of farewell in his kisses on the last night, in that abandoned room that will now be the starting point of my amazing journey to my beloved.

Photo by Renat Hassler

My only guide is the interdimensional connection that unites us, and my only protection is this extrasensory mask that I got thanks to a very dark friendship...

This mask will allow me to bear what my senses will experience during my journey through dimensions of horror, despair and anguish. No man has sailed before through this rough sea that awaits me, no one can be prepared to contemplate what I am going to contemplate, to feel what I am going to feel. During this astral and interdimensional travel towards the unknown I will  meet demons, angels, martyred spirits, creatures of darkness... 

Photo by Renat Hassler

I feel that a gothic and bizarre universe, which some have already sensed in this world, awaits me as soon as my journey begins. A universe from which so many sources of inspiration come, since time immemorial. A bridge to other unexplored existential dimensions, heaven, hell, purgatory... that I am going to cross for her, for my beloved. For the princess of darkness.

I don't know what I'll find. Perhaps I will die and my soul can no longer return to this dimension, but I will continue to search for her in an immaterial way, until the end of time.

My journey begins tonight...

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