Monday, January 18, 2021


Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

With this post I want to inaugurate a new section on my website, called community. In this section, artists of any kind, influencers and media creators that I consider interesting and can contribute with creative value will go through. My intention is none other than to provide a meeting point and a showcase for so much now semi-unknown talent that deserves more recognition.

I can't think of a better person to launch this new section of my website than Renat Hassler, the most talented photographer I know, and I know many...

I met Renat via Instagram last summer, when I was amazed by his photos of a spectacular and unique  russian model, Jane Demonroads. Their photographs of Jane were extremely inspiring to me, and, without much hope, I contacted both of them to ask their permission and use the photos for the covers of my songs. Surprisingly, rhey gladly agreed, I was discovering all his amazing work, and the rest is history. You just have to look the covers of my last four singles to see the value of his art as a photographer...

Let's talk about Renat

My friend Renat is a professional photographer with a long career. He is originally from Azerbaijan republic, Baku city. Currently, and for a long time, he lives and works in Moscow.

At first I was fascinated by his photographs of Jane, but I gradually discovered that he really encompasses much more. His photographs of abandoned places are simply mind-blowing. In my opinion it is remarkable that for his work he does not use filters or editing programs.

To describe his, in my opinion, magnificent work, nothing better than his own words:

“Abandoned places are philosophy, a reflection of life, a frozen moment of an epoch. I try to capture moments that will dissappear over time. To reveal the beauty of these places, their gloomy aesthetics. My assistants are my own emotions, sadness and melancholy. This let me to see and show the sadness of abandoned places.

I have long been attracted to such places. Gloomy, lonely, sometimes even mystical. In my head there were shots that could not be seen so often on the net. And with a deeper immersion in the world of Gothic, a desire arose to take photos. So the art of photography completely absorbed me.

Also, I try to do portraits and art portraits photography now, but the main topic stays abandoned places.”

A few small samples

Below, you can admire a small selection of his work. Of course, I recommend you not to miss all of his work, below you have the necessary information for this…

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

This is the original photo of the cover of my song Noctis Voyager:

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

And this is the background photo of my web:

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

What Renat gives me

As you may have seen, his photographs are pure art, the essence of a moment captured in time. And as I have mentioned before, I discovered him casually through his photos of Jane, which I believe capture the special aura that this loving woman possesses.

His photographs are part of the promotional campaigns for my songs on social networks, covers, and most importantly, they are really inspiring for me. I hadn't made music in a long time, and discovering his work has dramatically uncovered my creative potential. I can't explain the reason, it just happens, his photographs are by my side when I compose a new song. They evoke memories, sensations and experiences, I just know that Renat is the photographer who has had the most influence on me, right now I'm in love with the dark, gothic aesthetic that emanates from his work.

I can't believe how his photographs convey to me sensations, memories, places I've never been... or could I?

Discover Renat

Do not miss Renat's work, his talent deserves our recognition, please follow him and support his work  through the following links:


Instagram: @virus_of_mental_destruction  -  @mental_virus_


Facebook: Renat Hassler