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Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

The second person that will appear in the community section is someone very special for me. She is special in a way that only we understand, spiritually, and that I can only express through my songs. Those of you who have followed me from the beginning of Enimatik know her well, for the new ones, just say that Jane Demonroads is my inspiration, the princess of darkness...

Who is Jane Demonroads?

Jane is a young model from eastern Europe. A few years ago she met my friend Renat Hassler, and she began her modeling career with him as a photographer. If you follow the web you will meet Renat, if not, here is the link to the post I dedicated to him: 

-Renat Hassler, dark photo art

Jane is a well-known model in the world of dark and gothic aesthetics, and she entered the business almost by chance. She has a natural talent for posing, and in Renat's photosets, he manages to capture that special aura that surrounds her. At the end of the post I will provide you with the corresponding links so that you can understand what I am saying.

Jane by Jane

Nobody better to describe Jane than Jane herself right?

"My name is Jane. And I am very glad to be here. I want to tell you a little background that led me here. It all started quite suddenly and relatively recently. Last 2020 year that turned round a very bad for many gave me a breath of fresh air. I always have felt the wish to engage in some kind of creativity, but I could not find myself anywhere. At some point with Virus (Renat), we started to make the small photosets, smple and without any concept. But in spring, we received an offer to publish photos in the online magazine Chimera. 

This gave the main impetus for progress and moving, and later the opportunity to get to know Enimatik. The Virus (Renat) thought about concepts and found atmospheric places for our photosets. My task was to feel the idea and create the image that you later saw on the pics. By the way, it was reminded me childhood, when I was a child and often imagined myself as a model, created images from different clothes and defiled near the mirror.

It's funny, but what we are doing now is a kind of realization of my childhood dream.

And I would like thanks to Virus and to other people who supported my endeavors. I think that we are at the beginning of the path and all what we has already been done is just small steps to something more. I also hope that our colaboration with Enimatik continues, and will inspire each other. In any case, Im sure there is my spiritual friend that lives somewhere far from me."

Jane by Enimatik 

How did I find Jane? It was all so strange...

In the summer of 2020 I was suffering from a painful musculoskeletal injury. I could hardly sleep, I was in pain, it was hard times. One night at dawn, insomniac, I was entertaining myself on Instagram when randomly, by chance (or not), I saw Jane's profile.

Something mystical and deep happened, a spiritual connection was created (or discovered) that shake me so deep. The Jane´s photos tremind me to places, experiences and situations from my past. They were not memories that surfaced, they were sensations that shook my soul. Never in my entire life had I felt that before. If I'm honest, at that time I was taking a very strong medication against pain, and I came to think that it was affecting me...

I had already taken up the music, but at that moment a song came to my mind almost without being able to avoid it. Darkness Diva was the first song that Jane inspired me, and it was all so easy. Creating the melody, the arrangements, the mix ... everything seemed to flow as I felt that strange connection.

Once the song was finished, I contacted Jane, who kindly followed me back on instagram, and asked her, without much hope, if it would be possible to use a photo of Renat for the cover of Darkness Diva. To my surprise, she and Renat were delighted to agree. I felt that something exciting was beginning, I was cured of my injury, and the rest is history...

The beauty of darkness

This is a small selection of photographs of Jane made by Renat. Each one of them reaches my heart and soul...

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

What does Jane mean to me?

Jane and I live thousands of kilometers apart, english is not our native language, but despite all that, we are, as she says, spiritual friends. From what I have been able to speak with her during these months, she has seemed to me an adorable, humble, generous girl with a great talent for posing.

For me as a musician, Jane has become my muse, my inspiration, my diva. That strange connection that I feel every time I look at a photo of her... I think she has unlocked my creative potential, which has been off for so many years. She and Renat have allowed my musical talent to flow like never before, their photos reach my heart and soul directly, and unleash my creativity. 

I believe that we artists are capable of feeling invisible connections for others, being our gift to translate them into, in my case, songs. I can't put it into words, I just know that the songs seem to have a life of their own from the moment I start writing them. She is pure inspiration for me, her gaze has a unique blend of melancholy and sensuality, and Renat's magnificent work capturing essences from a dark, gothic universe, makes her glow. 

She is also the inspiration for the promotional campaigns for my songs, you just have to follow me on social media to find out what I'm talking about.

For me as a man, Jane means something pure to me, something unique and special. Her beauty is so dazzling that calling her a princess of darkness came naturally. But at the same time she transmits kindness, serenity, a special and innocent friendship, as she says, something spiritual. I will always be grateful to her for helping my musical creativity turn around never to go away again, for being the loveliest inspiration a musician has ever had.

I don't know if we'll ever meet in person, but I already feel that our connection is deepsoul. Jane brings back so many memories of my youth, it is difficult to describe...

And as I told to her once we spoke not long ago, the songs will transcend us, they will reach the hearts of other people when we are no longer here, and she, Jane, the princess of darkness, will live forever in them.

Updated at April 2022

Those of you who follow this website and the Enimatik social networks will already know that Jane has become, like Renat, part of the project in a natural and amazing way.

I leave you here the posts dedicated to the songs in which the Princess of Darkness has sung, something that a short time ago seemed like a dream come true...

Discovering Jane

Here I leave you the necessary links so that you can appreciate for yourself what I have told in this post:


-Twitter: @JDemonroads

-Facebook: Jane Demonroads