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The end of this year is coming, so loaded with all kinds of experiences, and what better way to say goodbye with a new song. A song that will make you feel the deepest of desires. Do you dare to discover it?

I don´t know where to start. Feel is an intense song for Enimatik, in every way.

Those of you who have known the project since its inception will know the incredible story that led me to take up music creation again, the even more surprising way to discover my two friends and inspirations Jane and Renat, what all this means for me...

In each new song, everything has been fitting in an almost supernatural way: the music, the lyrics, the images, the feelings... with Feel I think we have all reached a difficult point to describe, we just take things for granted that would seem incredible just a year ago. I explain...

How was Feel born?

About two months ago Renat sent me samples of 2 new photosets that he had made with Jane. As always, I was impressed by their work, the two photosets were magnificent, samples of his talent for turning photography into art. One of them in particular caught my attention for finding, perhaps, the most sensual and gothic Jane to date.

It´s a daytime photoset, outdoors, in a beautiful natural setting. I looked at multiple photos and, wow, did I get a chill when I saw the photograph of Jane that I have chosen for the cover of Feel.

She appears so enigmatic, so adorable, so gothic, it´s indescribable what the photo makes me feel. Well, a new song was not a bad idea to express it, was it?

Starting from the darktechno/darkwave sound that I have been developing lately, I set out to obtain a more distorted one, experimenting with the lofi sound, with a definitely aggressive and powerful character. When composing Feel, one of the biggest challenges was transferring that sonic character to a chorus that was intended to be the most sensual point of the song. I admit that I changed verses and choruses several times before I found the ideal combination, even when mixing I eliminated an introduction that was causing me problems. Feel has been a really complex song to mix and master.

In fact, the demo I send Jane as a reference to record her vocals is very, very different from the final result, it´s practically a different song...

While she was recording her vocal tracks, I had time to do some testing with various distortion plugins and equalizations. The former have brought rich harmonics to many sounds in the song, a lot of character. The tests with the equalization have allowed me to investigate with new sounds from VST instruments that I have gradually incorporated into my sequencer.

When it came to creating the lyrics, the Renat photoset I chose couldn't have been more inspiring. A splendid makeup, a photography that is pure art, a killer vampire look, a true princess of darkness more sensual and beautiful than ever...

Once I received the vocal recordings from Jane, I started the final mix, which was not easy at all. On the one hand it had 4 vocal tracks (2 from Jane and 2 mine), and on the other a musical base with a lot, a lot of sonic character. I had a hard time finding the balance between the necessary roughness of the synths and the rhythmic base, and the delicacy of the vocals and pad sound that develops throughout the song.

I finally got that balance, and moved on to mastering, where the challenge was to avoid adding excessive brightness to the overall song that would disrupt the effort I had put into producing and mixing the song. I couldn't afford to tarnish that large amount of harmonics achieved with distortion effects and equalizations, that magnificent balance between low and mid frequencies that I had been so hard to find.

But after a hard couple of days, I was satisfied with what my ears heard, the search for that dirty and harsh sound had come to an end. Feel has been the most complex song for Enimatik in every way, the one with the most peculiar sound, I am certainly very proud of it...

What does Feel mean to Enimatik?

For me, Feel is undoubtedly an advance and development in the musical production of Enimatik's songs. Over time I have been expanding and improving the features of my studio, and I have been able to try new things.

From the clear and crystalline sound of the first songs to the dirty and distorted character in many parts of Feel, the evolution that has taken place has allowed me to explore new sound environments and styles, which undoubtedly broaden my options for future projects.

As for the aesthetics of Renat's photographs, I am simply stunned. Jane is so dazzling, so magically dark, so sensual... I just love this photoset. I marvel at the contrast between the daytime background in nature and a sensual, gothic Jane.

Once again our voices have fitted Feel perfectly, the most incredible thing of all is that we recorded the tracks separately, without seeing each other in person at any time. It´s simply magical and special, something that connects us so deeply...

I hope you like this new song by Enimatik, as always we have all put a lot of feeling into it, but this time it has been the darkest feeling until today...

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my friend Renat Hassler.