Tuesday, November 16, 2021


It`s for me an immense pleasure that an artist like the one you are about to meet next joins our dark and beloved community. Dagon is a great electronic musical artist, and I can assure you that, if you like electronic dance music, knowing him will not disappoint you...

How did I meet Dagon?

The truth is that, as the Enimatik project develops on social networks, it´s easier for me to discover exciting artists. A couple of months ago, through other artists that I followed previously, Dagon caught my attention. Listening to his song "Vepar", I knew that I was dealing with a special artist, someone who quite possibly had the same musical influences in his youth.

Shortly after following each other on Instagram, I started listening to his complete discography and, wow, I was excited. A mix of synth pop/future synth styles with a high level of production, especially in the vocal part. I liked so much that I recently proposed to him to be part of my first playlist, to which he kindly agreed.

The person behind this project is George Georgalas, a kind and talented guy for electronic music. I realized that effectively we both had common musical influences, at this moment I knew that I would have to ask him for an interview...

Yes, you guessed it. Who better to talk about Dagon than Dagon himself, right?

Dagon by Dagon

"Dagon is coming from the mind of the great horror author Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and comes from his Cthulhu universe. He is a God from the underwater world. Somehow I was always connected with the water, and the adaptation of the name was inevitable.

I am a greek guy, born in Germany and lived my teen years in the 80s period. Music from that time was the thing that kept me alive, sane and creative. Years have passed, and although my main job has nothing to do with music, in my wildest dreams I was on a stage performing my songs live. That didn´t happened soon, because as a person I am extremely closed and shy. I never thought I could do it. But we are getting older and wiser and we realize that only if we dare we can make our dreams come true.

My influences comes mostly from the pop 80s years as I said. Artists like Depeche mode, Pet shop boys, Duran duran, Jean Michel Jarre, Erasure and so many others, showed me the way. But it was years after that, in a concert of Pet shop boys, that I decided to get my first synthesizer and start my little journey. A lot of practice, many dissapointments, many happy moments, a lot of search to figure out how to make, produce, master my own songs. Trying to work my voice. And all this by myself. I never thought myself as a true professional musician, but I believe from the bottom of my heart, that music is what I was made to do.

When I was in a level that I believed it was time for people to listen to my songs, I discovered Spotify, Bandcamp and other platforms that help musicians and so I start making albums.

First album: Tyler Keller

First attempt to make complete songs by making the music, write the lyrics, and sing them. Not easy and of course with a lot of flaws, sound problems, and a voice that sounds scared to express feelings but somehow, my passion has started to be expressed in a raw way. My first live show happened.

Second album: Spencer Saints

The second album had better sound, better lyrics, better voice, although still sounded scared. I realize in that album that I dont belong in a specific genre. Synthwave, futuresynth, darksynth, popsynth. I didnt know if not belonging to a certain music style was a good thing. Now I know. Lyrics now are talking about human relations, dark themes, matters of existence.

Third album:Adam Krueger

An angry album, written in the quarantine period, when I was really angry and sad. For the first time I start singing with my real voice and with no fear. All songs here are about our existance, human vanity, violence in our time. A really pessimist project and me trying to fit somewhere. Not easy...

In between I had one album with dance instrumentals called Ty Maguire and a remix album called Max Miles with songs from my 3 albums which I remixed.

This year, I took part in 3 great online festivals in Brazil, Argentina and USA, and I am looking forward for a new live show.

Meantime I am working on my new album which will be released probably in January 2022. In this album I realize that I cant put myself in a certain genre and now I know that this is who I am. I accept it. Maybe this is what people like about my music. Some may not. It doesnt really matter.

What matters is that I am in a certain age and music had set me free, made me a better human, pushed me to search inside my self and discover things I didn´t know I had, gave me ways out when I had problems, made me realize that peoples opinion about me should not affect my mood, helped me be me...

And the journey continues..."

What does Dagon mean to Enimatik?

Every time I listen to his song "No more running", I go back to my youth in the 90s. A period of my life in which I was lost in the crazy nights of Madrid, in the wrong direction, but in which the music served as a support so as not to fall to the bottom.

Dagon and I are almost the same age, we have many musical influences in common, and I highly respect his sincerity in this interview. In both, music has been a catalyst for our creativity, a way of expressing ourselves and discovering ourselves internally. I feel very identified with George's words in this interview, more than I could imagine when I contacted him.

I have always liked electronic dance music, and I believe that George in his songs reaches a very good level of production at all levels. A careful aesthetic, lyrics with feeling, a voice as elegant as it is sensual... I highly recommend that you take a moment to listen to him.

Please listen and support Dagon, his talent deserves it: