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Friday, January 15, 2021



Noctis Voyager song Enimatik

With Noctis Voyager I start an inner, astral journey, through alternate dimensions, towards the unknown, feared and hidden.

A very special song, a gothic, dark and dramatic ballad, which tells the story of a night traveler in search of the princess of darkness...

Friday, January 1, 2021



Alterlove song Enimatik music

Alterlove is the story of a loss, of a reunion after 25 years, of an inner journey towards the known and the unknown at the same time.

A song to listen to in the dark, full of feelings and nostalgia. A sensual piano and guitar arpeggios set the melodies of Alterlove, which continues the gothic series and the underlying story...

Sunday, December 27, 2020



Gothicromance song Enimatik music

This song is the story of the first meeting with the princess of darkness. An interdimensional connection links me to her through time and space, in another private reality in which we can finally meet.

Gothicromance is a electrochill song, listening to its melody I feel her so close, that she is waiting for me, and she will plunge me into the darkness of desire beyond time and space...



Darkness Diva song Enimatik music

Darkness Diva is the story of a love beyond time and space. When you have always felt like a person who has not yet been born and, after the years, you find it, everything makes sense.

With this song I begin a gothic-themed series inspired by the work of my friend photographer Renat Hassler, and the lovely model Jane, who have unknowingly unleashed my creative potential, long in a coma.