Sunday, December 27, 2020



Gothicromance song Enimatik music

This song is the story of the first meeting with the princess of darkness. An interdimensional connection links me to her through time and space, in another private reality in which we can finally meet.

Gothicromance is a electrochill song, listening to its melody I feel her so close, that she is waiting for me, and she will plunge me into the darkness of desire beyond time and space...

Listening this dark song I continually sense the inspiring connection to the princess of darkness, leading me to her, 

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

She is waiting for me, I feel her. Every night in my dreams I climb one more step. A gothic romance, a dark love, in a parallel dimension of desire and temptation.

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

She will never know that in my dreams she is reality...

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

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-Princess of darkness: the_victim_of_a_maniac

-Photographer: virus_of_mental_destruction

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