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Darkness Diva song Enimatik music

Darkness Diva is the story of a love beyond time and space. When you have always felt like a person who has not yet been born and, after the years, you find it, everything makes sense.

With this song I begin a gothic-themed series inspired by the work of my friend photographer Renat Hassler, and the lovely model Jane, who have unknowingly unleashed my creative potential, long in a coma.

It was all so strange ...

In mid-July I was convalescing from a painful musculoskeletal injury, with a lot of pain and discomfort, I could hardly sleep.

One night, browsing randomly on Instagram, I discovered the profile of Jane, the princess of darkness, and something changed within me.

The photos of Renat that portrayed her transported me through time and space, to places, experiences and feelings that I had already lived. To channel that torrent of sensations I started composing in my studio, and Darkness Diva emerged on its own, in a supernatural way.

The princess of darkness reminds me of past places and experiences, it takes me back years. She has inspired me to write this song much more than I imagine. She has helped me go through a difficult few months without knowing it. She has been embodied in this song. This song is her...

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-Photographer: virus_of_mental_destruction

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