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Alterlove song Enimatik music

Alterlove is the story of a loss, of a reunion after 25 years, of an inner journey towards the known and the unknown at the same time.

A song to listen to in the dark, full of feelings and nostalgia. A sensual piano and guitar arpeggios set the melodies of Alterlove, which continues the gothic series and the underlying story...

In 1995 I was so lost, prisoner of a crazy youth, of the wild gothic nights of Madrid. Suddenly she came into my life and saved me from self-destruction with her love. But she died, disappeared, devastating me. Until now.

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

The princess of darkness is an angel who came down from heaven to save me, to love me. I have found her again, I have remembered how I loved her so intensely for endless nights, as a man has never loved a woman. So briefly...

She has returned to disappear again, she is the evidence of transcendence, of the power of love to save a lost soul. In the princess of darkness I have proof of the supernatural, of the existence of other realities and dimensions, that is the explanation for that connection that unites me to her beyond time and space.

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

I loved her body, her soul, her skin was my temple, transcending the limits of the human being, and now I must face her departure, like 25 years ago. But now I know the reason for her arrival...

Photo by Renat Hassler All rights reserved

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