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My new song "Princess of Darkness" means many things to Enimatik. It´s the end of the story of  a search, of a mysterious lady, narrated during my last five songs. And the beginning of a new stage with many things to discover. And most important of all, the emergence of Jane Demonroads as an inspirational singer and an integral part of this musical project. 

I think the story behind this five song series cannot be better described than through the posts I made on Instagram and in the corresponding posts on this website. Do you want to discover it?

Darkness Diva, I dreamed of her on a summer night

This song was the beginning of what was to come after feeling something very strange looking at some photos of a mysterious lady...

"It was all so strange...

In mid-July 2020 I was convalescing from a painful musculoskeletal injury, with a lot of pain and discomfort, I could hardly sleep.

One night, browsing randomly on Instagram, I discovered the profile of Jane, the princess of darkness, and something changed within me.

The photos of Renat that portrayed her transported me through time and space, to places, experiences and feelings that I had already lived. To channel that torrent of sensations I started composing in my studio, and Darkness Diva emerged on its own, in a supernatural way.

The princess of darkness reminds me of past places and experiences, it takes me back years. She has inspired me to write this song much more than I imagine. She has helped me go through a difficult few months without knowing it. She has been embodied in this song. This song is her..."

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Gothicromance, first contact

This song narrates my first encounter with the princess of darkness, the discovery of an interdimensional connection that guided me towards her and towards our first night of passion.

"On this very special night the interdimensional connection with the princess of darkness grows even more. In my dreams I still feel her upstairs, in another private reality in which we can finally meet.

I feel her so close, she is waiting for me, she will plunge me into the darkness of desire, beyond time and space...

Everything has been so strange, an interdimensional connection has guided me towards her, towards the princess of darkness. This song has allowed me to find her upstairs, in my dreams.

Now that she's in front of me, it all makes sense. In a place beyond time and space, in a dark dimension, I will finally meet her.

A gothic romance, a dark love, a connection of the timeless desire that I felt for so long, and that with this song has finished awakening..."

Find out the full story here: Gothicromance

Alterlove, she made me remenber

This song narrates my second encounter with the princess of darkness, and how she reminds me of something that happened a long, long time ago...

"It has happened again, I navigate again through this interdimensional connection to the princess of darkness. My creative force merges in a new song that transports me to a mysterious and sensual place beyond time and space.

I feel her close, so deep inside me that I can't answer so many questions. Passion guides me through a labyrinth, it's like I've been through this before, long before I came to this world. Will she be behind the next door, in the next room? Will our next meeting be even more sensual and intimate than the last?

I feel her so inside me, the connection that unites us shakes me in the depths of my soul.

I continue to travel through this dark and mysterious reality, through these interdimensional rooms, connected to the princess of darkness, who claims me.

And there she is, in this room, I see her sensual figure, I feel her gothic sensuality, the desire that unites us. I know that this time I will find the answer to the question that I ask myself every night, when in my dreams the connection that unites me to her transports me towards temptation and desire.

Finally the princess of darkness is in front of me again. We are connected beyond time and space, beyond anything I can imagine. Her eyes cross my soul, her sensuality possesses my mind, desire conquers our bodies.

I feel something that I can't describe, that I have loved her before this life, that our souls have been connected long before I knew her.

In our second meeting, desire takes control of me in a supernatural way, we are both in a dark reality where souls and temptation merge in pure harmony.

After a night of passion with the princess of darkness I remember everything.

In 1995 I was so lost, prisoner of a crazy youth, of the wild gothic nights of Madrid. Suddenly she came into my life and saved me from self-destruction with her love, such unforgettable days. But she died, disappeared, devastating me. Until now.

The princess of darkness is an angel who came down from heaven to save me, to love me. I have found her again, I have remembered how I loved her so intensely for endless nights, as a man has never loved a woman. So briefly...

She has returned to disappear again, she is the evidence of transcendence, of the power of love to save a lost soul. In the princess of darkness I have proof of the supernatural, of the existence of other realities and dimensions, is the explanation for that connection that unites me to her beyond time and space.

I loved her body, her soul, her skin was my temple, transcending the limits of the human being, and now I must face her departure, like 25 years ago. But now I know the reason for her arrival.

Will she know?"

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Noctis Voyager, the scariest trip

This song narrates the disappearance of the princess of darkness and my conversion into Enimatik's Noctis Voyager. I start a search entering an unknown dimension, undertaking a journey that no one has undertaken before, looking for my beloved...

"She is no longer here. I am alone, again, like 25 years ago.

The princess of darkness has left after reminding me that the supernatural exists, it is among us, in our soul, in our mind.

I feel so empty without her, I still remember the taste of her lips, the scent of her skin, the passion that possessed us last night. In this room now empty and transformed, a few hours ago, an eternity ago, we loved each other again, beyond the limits of the human being, beyond the senses.

And now she's gone, she's not coming back, I know. Sleepless nights await me remembering her, feeling my heart empty, alone, exhausted. Like 25 years ago, I could not do anything to stop her from leaving.

I knew this would happen, the princess of darkness has felt me again, from the alternate and gothic dimension in which she is right now.

I have spent several days hardly sleeping, composing a new song, with my life empty, and finally, I have felt her in an astral dream, through time and space.

I cannot live like this, since she left that room where we loved each other again, her memory corrupts my heart, her love pierces my soul, and now our interdimensional connection has reawakened...

All this has happened because of something, I can't go on like this.

I must do something, I feel like she's scared...

I start an inner, astral journey, through alternate dimensions, towards the unknown, feared and hidden.

After several sleepless nights, immersed in sadness and loneliness, I have felt her, and have the feeling that she is in danger, or perhaps, realizing her true nature.

The princess of darkness is gone never to return, but I will not allow it. I will navigate through darkness, through alternate, gloomy, and terrifying dimensions, I am not afraid.

My only guide is the interdimensional connection that unites us, and my only protection is this extrasensory mask that I got thanks to a very dark friendship...

This mask will allow me to bear what my senses will experience during my journey through dimensions of horror, despair and anguish. No man has sailed before through this rough sea that awaits me, no one can be prepared to contemplate what I am going to contemplate, to feel what I am going to feel.

During this astral and interdimensional travel towards the unknown, I will meet demons, angels, martyred spirits, creatures of darkness... who knows.

I feel that a gothic and bizarre universe, which some have already sensed in this world, awaits me as soon as my journey begins. A universe from which so many sources of inspiration come, since time immemorial. A bridge to other unexplored existential dimensions, heaven, hell, purgatory... that I am going to cross for her, for my beloved. For the princess of darkness.

I don't know what I'll find. Perhaps I will die and my soul can no longer return to this dimension, but I will continue to search for her in an immaterial way, until the end of time..."

Find out the full story here: Noctis Voyager

Princess of darkness, discovering Jane

I started making music again during the confinement in my country (in March 2020) after a break of more than 15 years. A year later, I have composed 10 songs, and the last one, Princess of Darkness, is the end of one stage and the beginning of another. I could not be more excited and motivated by how things have been during these months.

Jane Demonroads is a girl of extraordinary talent. I remember now the first time we spoke, when I asked her permission to use one of her photographs taken by my dear friend Renat Hassler, to which they both kindly and disinterestedly agreed.

Now she is the singer of my last song, a spiritual friend from a distance, but a close source of my inspiration and musical creativity. I have discovered a special, generous, selfless girl with a talent for artistic creativity that she has only just begun to explore.

And what does Jane think of all this?

"Enimatik's offer to participate in the song turned out to be very unexpected, but exciting for me. Since childhood, I have always liked to sing, but my voice was heard only in my room. Today you will also hear. This is a very exciting moment because it is a new experience for me. It is very pleasant for me to be a part of this project."

Only she and I know why the character of the princess of darkness in my dreams was reality... 

The end of the journey....

"I finally found her. There she is, in front of me, my princess, my eternal love.

I have passed through hell, unknown and terrifying dimensions, places of nightmare. I have fought the fear, despair, and terror of thinking that I would never find her again, and that perhaps I would die trying.

Her name is Jane, although in fact I already knew it. We were together 25 years ago, she saved me from self-destruction, and we met again recently, just before disappearing and setting out on my mind-blowing journey as Noctis Voyager, in search of her. She has attracted me to this dimension that I do not recognize, but that is different from the previous ones that I have crossed, only guided by the interdimensional connection that unites us, and only protected by the mask that my darkest friendship provided me.

I take off my mask, and I can contemplate her with the eyes of a desperate lover who is finally reunited with his beloved. Her blue eyes draw me to her, those same eyes that captured my heart 25 years ago in a dark club on Madrid's wild gothic nights, and again a few months ago (assuming that time has elapsed the same in this dark matter dimension in which we find ourselves). Those eyes that read my mind...

I hear her voice, she sings like an angel. A mysterious melody gets into my head, captures me, disinhibits me, miraculously recomposes me after such a hard and long journey.

I get close.

I look into her eyes.

I take her hand.

I caress her cheek.

I say her name.

And we kiss in silence..."

Updated september 23

Princess of Darkness has a new version that replaces the original. The idea started as a new mix to improve the sound but I ended up doing many more things... 😎

A new mix, a new song...

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