Friday, October 1, 2021


The community section of the web continues to expand, this time I will interview a fascinating woman and artist, a beauty that comes from chaos...

Some of you may already know her if you follow Enimatik on Instagran, you may have seen that I am one of her unconditional fans. Her work and talent have fascinated me, as do many of us who admire the beauty of darkness, the urbex photography and the gothic universe. She is Ada Etah Cinatas.

How did I meet Ada Etah Cinatas?

Well, the truth is that it was similar to the way I met my beloved Jane. Browsing Instagram in search of interesting content, I happened to discover this mysterious lady from Greece, whose artwork seems to me of exceptional quality and talent. We started talking little by little, she also appreciated Enimatik's work, and we connected right away.

We began to follow each other, and as I discovered her work deeply, I realized that I was dealing with a woman with an innate talent to capture feelings in photographs, to express emotions not only artistic ones... Ada does portraits, urban photography and nature photography with a very defined style that I personally love.

The interview

Q-Hi Ada, first of all to thank you for your kindness in accepting to carry out this interview for the Enimatik website, it is an honor and a privilege.

A-Hello! Thank you too... for the support and the interview.

Q-Tell us a bit about your art Ada, how and when did your love of photography begin?

A-In 2010, it was the first time I went to North Evia (Greece), so basically it was the first time I saw forest and I felt like I wanted to "keep" what I was seeing so that's when the first photos were taken. Thanks to a dear friend that had lent me his camera, the love of photography began then.

Q-What artistic influences do you have Ada? (photographers, literature, music, movies...)

A-The influence of music in my life is high, so does in my art too. The bands that have the most influence on me are Katatonia, Behemoth, Tool, The Amity Affliction, Paradise Lost and Dio. I also love watching horror movies and my favorite, of course, has influence on me... I'm talking about the "Ringu" (director: Hideo Nakata).

Q-What does urbex photography mean to you, what abandoned urban locations inspire you?

A-There's a different kind of magic in their "chaos". The magic of being in a place that is filled with -unkown for the explorer- memories, the age of the building, sometimes the history of it,in other words the magic of "death". I see myself in every abandoned building I photograph... how we're still standing after so many bad situations, the memories we "carry", the emptiness that's filled in both of us when I explore them...

Q-Tell us what differences there are for you between a black and white photograph and another in color. What adds or suppresses color in your opinion?

A-The more the sad emotions, the fewer the colors. Black and white always gives me some sad vibes -even when it's a portrait of someone laughing- plus I find it more mysterious than color. Color is more straight, clear and gives life, in my opinion.

Q-Your self-portraits are amazing photographs, what feelings do they contain, what do you reflect in them, what do you want to express?

A-I'm glad you like them! The most of them contain sadness and sorrow. I just express how I feel via them... when I feel sad or desperate or whatever... well, they are me,  pure Ada!

Q-Enimatik is a great fan of your work, I think you have a special talent to capture in photographs a dark and gothic universe that we are passionate about. What do the horror and darkness that you reflect in your work mean to you?

A-To be honest, I never search why I like something or why I prefer sad music/horror movies/darkness over anything else... I just enjoy the vibes that give me, I feel like home so that’s enough for me. So, they are a part of my world.

Q-Do you also take beautiful photographs of nature, which attracts you from a natural location so that you can capture it with your camera?

A-That's how my journey started, so yes I still take photos of nature whenever I can... trees/plants near a road, at a park and when I take a trip to the countryside or generally away from the city I live in.

Q-In your photographs you appear as a fascinating and enigmatic woman, in my opinion beautiful, an angel of darkness. Do you believe in the supernatural Ada? 

A-Yes, even I have no experience that made me believe in it.

Q-You like Enimatik's music and aesthetics, you are influencing it without knowing it... 

A-Well that’s an honour!

Q-To finish Ada, tell us about your future projects, do you intend to create your own website or do more collaborations with photographers? Something you can tell us?

A-Nah, I think I’ll stay with my profiles on DeviantArt and Instagram! I have a concept in my mind, that contains cemetery and grief, which will be a collaboration with a friend and photographer (John Tsilidis).

Q-It has been a real pleasure to carry out this interview Ada, thank you very much again for accepting so kindly to tell us about you and your art, I really believe that you are a very talented woman 

A-Thank you again! 

What does Ada bring to Enimatik?

Inspiration from that dark gothic universe that I am so passionate about. She is a gentle and pleasant woman, capable of capturing in her photographs horror, sadness, loneliness, desire in such a beautiful way that I find it fascinating.

Ada also collaborates with well-known photographers in her country, with excellent results in my opinion. 

I am dazzled by Ada's ability to reflect in a photograph so much emotional charge, with a dexterity that sometimes shudders me. His portraits are chilling, dark, but at the same time of a beauty that I cannot explain in words. Maybe they make me connect with a gothic universe that remains, most of the time, hidden from us...

I invite you all to follow and support Ada on her Instagram profile and on her website, where you have at your disposal all her graphic creation, which deserves all our recognition: