Saturday, December 26, 2020



Avalum song Enimatik music

Avalum was my second single, although I originally composed it in 2006 for a self-produced project that I couldn't finish. This year I decided to restart it with a more relaxed, intimate and sensual approach than in its first version.

For this song I have used a duo composed of a solo piano and a guitar arpeggio combined in some parts and alternating in others. On the other hand, the synth pad sound provides a relaxed and evocative atmosphere.

I have worked especially on the rhythm section, filtering loops and breaks very carefully. I think Avalum's intro is very inspiring, with the atmospheric and sweet pad sound coupled with a classically inspired electronic arpeggio.

Avalum speaks of the beauty, the sensuality, the spirituality of our feelings when we are able to connect with them, freeing ourselves from toxic situations and people. As anticipated by the cover of the song, listening to Avalum I imagine myself walking on a beach at sunset, specifically in Cádiz, in southern Spain.

I hope you like it.

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