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Vantage song Enimatik music

Vantage is a song with chained feelingss. Serenity, optimism and enthusiasm follow each other throughout it, which transmits a message of hope and confidence in ourselves.

This song represents an spiritual journey towards inner peace and balance through music. Vantage is a serene and relaxing song, which through its melody, will allow us to inspire peace and exhale stress.

Vantage is a melodious song whose main protagonist is a solo piano accompanied by a calm rhythmic base and soft synthesizers, with which I try to create a calm, spiritual and intimate atmosphere.

Piano and pad are the sound protagonists of this song. The first of them interprets a melody that is melancholic in the verses and dreamy in the choruses. This piano pad preset is processed with a delay and reverb that give it a lead instrument character.The pad acts as a harmonic base throughout the entire song, and I would like to highlight the good result of the EQ that I applied to the preset, which together with the reverb, gives it a depth that I love.

I composed this song during lockdown in my country due to the damn covid pandemic. One night in april 2020 I opened the window at 2 am, unable to sleep, and I realized that the noise of the city had faded, it was terrifying. I couldn't hear anything in the distance, the streets were completely empty, the weather was horrible too...

I started composing Vantage with the idea that this situation would not last forever, that next year everything would be better, and that we would just have to resist, have hope.

We have all ever felt the need to reset, to leave behind the problems and stresses of our daily lives. Simply taking a walk, traveling, doing something different, is the solution, our mind will clear and we will be able to be aware of ourselves, that we are above everything. We are everything... 

I hope you like it.

*I took the photograph on the cover of Vantage many years ago, in Av. Do Brasil, on the beach in Porto, Portugal, my second homeland and a country I adore.

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