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Ruuemil song Enimatik music

This song is the story of an impossible love due to social differences, but that will never disappear from the hearts of two lovers. They did everything they could to be together, but they couldn't...

Ruuemil is a romantic song, a melancholic and sentimental ballad, that inspires feelings of passion and heartbreak in equal parts. 

I was inspired to compose this song while walking in front of the sea along Paseo Nuevo in San Sebastián, a beautiful city in northern Spain. The view of the sea was so emotional that I imagined two lovers fighting for their love in front of a rough sea, which finally defeats them. Then Ruuemil was born in my heart and my musical creativity captured that moment. I composed the song days later in my studio...

A simple rhythmic base, that is complemented with a powerful synth bassline, gives the song its classic pop structure. It was my intention when producing the song to create. with the other sounds, a chill, relaxed wave, inspired by synthwave/vaporwave music that I usually listen.

The piano and guitar solos create romantic and melancholic melodies, which will always remember those moments when illusion and passion get over everything else. The lead guitar accompanies the main melody in some parts to add a touch of feeling and passion, And the sweet synth arpeggios create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Ruuemil continues the chill series that I started with my song Arikflow, followed by Avalum and Vantage.

I hope you like it....

*I took the photo on the cover of Ruuemil in the summer of 2015 in San Sebastian, in northern Spain, while I was walking along Paseo Nuevo, next to the sea, coming from Ondarreta beach to La Concha beach.

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