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Summer has arrived and with it, a new song by Enimatik. A cool collaboration with an adorable, unique girl, with a nice story behind it, which I invite you to meet in this post.

The story

At the beginning of last March I met Claire through social networks, a girl from Spain like me. On his Instagram profile @sucuvampiriza, which I encourages you to visit, I saw she had used Enimatik music for one of his posts, very cool by the way. I contacted her to thank her and, well, the rest is what comes.

Enimatik at that time was finishing his latest song "Black Tears", and right away Claire captivated me with her sympathy and sincere admiration for my music.

Gradually we began to talk very often, I conveyed to her my admiration for her graphic material, I think she is an amazing gothic model, with a huge artistic sensibility. Very soon I realized that I was dealing with a very special, talented and honest girl. Her musical tastes are very similar to mine, artistically we got along completely.

And one night, without expecting it, she sent me an audio with his voice, a message in response to the conversation we were having at that moment. I heard it and I was like WOW. What a beautiful, sensual and special voice...

At that moment I was just starting to compose a new song and suddenly, without thinking, I had an idea. Why didn't he ask Claire to sing in it? I had nothing to lose...

A few days after hearing her voice for the first time I asked her if she would like to sing on a new song, and after some initial hesitation, she agreed. I fondly remember his insecurity, his fears, which I hastened to combat. It was so logical, she had never sung before, but I had a feeling, a sensation that it could be something magical, as it has been.

Your secrets is the result of three months of hard work together. She recorded her voice for the first time, following my instructions and the lyrics I sent her, and she sent the recordings to me, very nervously and expectantly. I remember when I opened the files on my sequencer and hit play. "OMG...", what a beautiful and sensual voice, she had simply read my mind and had recorded some voices which were in my imagination before receiving them. Magical.

The graphic material that she sent me for the promo on Instagram is spectacular, as you can see in this post. That gothic sensuality, that innocent and lustful look at the same time, she is simply fascinating, A perfect photoset for the idea I had in mind, simply awesome. And Everything fit perfectly in the story about the Noctis Voyager and Undergoth that I'm narrating on my Instagram profile, it was amazing to see the rapport between us, our characters and our tastes in so many things. A story in a dark dimension, in a hotel room where a lover discovers that he is facing a man-eating demon faced in a beautiful woman... 

The song

Your secrets is perhaps the most erotic and sexual song that Enimatik has released so far. Claire and I have played with themes like bdsm, sexual submission, and wild desire between two strangers in a red hotel room. The musical base simply transports me to places in my imagination, it causes me very deep, very sensual sensations.

It´s a very elaborate song at the level of musical production, with a mix of styles between future bass and darksynth. And with a very complex mix given the amount of sounds I've used, both melodic and rhythmic.

Claire has a peculiar, sensual, sweet and mysterious voice. I love how it has combined with my voice tracks, I think I have achieved a song with a lot of personality. It is very meritorious on her part, and without having previous experience, to have been able to record on her own, alone, and obtain such a worthy result.

The creative process was very fluid when it came to composing Your secrets. I intensely searched for sounds that conveyed an enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere, both pads and arpeggios, with the intention that it would be a song that would attract from the first moment it was heard. Simple chords, melodies without much complexity... I was just looking for that special moment when a musician knows he is are working on something special, when you are going to enjoy listening to your own song.

The mixing phase of the song was long and complicated. There were a lot of voice tracks to edit, process them according to the ideas I had in mind, get our voices in balance. My eq and dynamics plugins did a lot of hard work, as the number of instrumental, rhythm and vocal tracks was considerable, requiring very meticulous work to achieve an effective mix.

It was also difficult for me to achieve the balance between the bass and one of the synth arpeggios, the latter very powerful in low frequencies. And to achieve a general balance between the set of all the voices and the musical base. But I sincerely believe that the result has been very worthy.


I copy and paste the post she has made on her Instagram about her experience collaborating with Enimatik:

"Well, I'm not particularly good with words, but this time I'll try my best.

I'm a diehard fan of darkwave music, among other music genres, so when @enimatik reached out to me to collab with him in a new song, I thought he was kidding me. Spoiler: he was dead serious. So, for once, I let my insecurities and fears aside and decided to go with the flow and give it a try. And it turnt out to be and incredible journey! Now that I see the result, I can only say it was worth every second of it and I'd gladly do it again. Seriously, I'd never ever imagine myself singing for other people and not just in private, let alone singing for an actual music project, like FOR REAL.

I'm just so incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for making it possible. Cheers, my friend!"

I'm really proud that I had the courage to ask a girl I've never met before, who had never sung, a collaboration for an Enimatik song. As she well knows, my merit has been to dare first, and then to convince her that the result was going to be cool. Naturally, she had doubts about her ability to do the work that involved her, but she had an open mind to learn, to listen to my advice. She was humble and grateful, something that I will always be grateful for.

Thank you so much my dear Claire.

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