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For Enimatk, making a remix is ​​always something cool and exciting, especially if it is a recent song that has been very well received, such as Black Tears. On this occasion Jane Demonroads has participated, as always, contributing her talent and voice to create a very special song...

Black Tears It was published in March of this year, it is a song that originally only had my voice and a darkwave-techno style. It has been very well received by Enimatik fans and appears on numerous playlists, I was really very satisfied with the result. At that time I wanted to experiment by producing a song similar to Die to be born or Undergoth, vith a dark and hard sound. 

But summer came and I asked myself why not make a radical change to Black Tears and include Jane's voice. I got to work after speaking with her and in just a couple of weeks I had the musical base ready to send it to her. It was all wonderfully fluid and intuitive.

The song

The first thing I did in the Remix project was to erase practically the entire original structure of the song, I wanted to do something really different. I kept my original voice tracks, various sound presets and effects channels, but you could say that I started from scratch. It was amazingly easy for me to coordinate the new chords and melodies with the existing voices, everything fits together perfectly and with more ease than I could imagine. 

More danceable. Despite having the same bpms, the remix gradually took on a techno-house style that I really liked. Combining a dance base with dark and aggressive darksynth-inspired sounds resulted in a musical base that, together with my original vocals, fully satisfied me. It had something special. When I sent Jane the remix along with the modified and adapted lyrics so she could record her vocal tracks, I knew she was going to like it, I know her very well...

Within a couple of weeks Jane sent me her vocal tracks, and by importing them into my sequencer, the project took on a new dimension. As I sensed, our voices fit together perfectly again. I processed Jane's voice to give her a leading role, I used delays with very cool filters, distortion and careful equalization. I think in the remix Jane has reached a great level as a singer, I'm so proud of her.

Black Tears Rakkaani Remix has, in my opinion, a great mix between dance rhythmic bases and darksynth-darktechno sounds. It's a very danceable song, and with very elaborate voice tracks. I really like to feel energy and want to dance when listening to it, I really enjoyed creating it a lot.

The story

Once again, an exciting photo set by Renat Hasler served to develop a gothic aesthetic on the cover and in the promotional campaign for the remix. A short photoset but it was exactly what I had in my head. I think Renat is able to literally read my thoughts. The photographs that we selected show the character of the Princess of Darkness, Jane's alterego, in a suffocating, gray and dark room. She is alone, naked and very sad, seeming to have her body and soul in different places. A piece of work and simply magnificent, which together with the remix cover, build a beautiful and alternative aesthetic, a true work of art in my opinion.

Sometimes it scares me when, after we have previously talked and worked on some ideas for a photoset, I open his email with the files and I always find a work that is really my thoughts turned into images. It's cool my friend.

Together we are creating a dark universe together, Undergoth, from songs, photographs and a story that we are developing in Enimatik's Instagram posts. It is something that feeds itself, the story already told gives us ideas to express ourselves artistically. And each song and its corresponding photoset generates new chapters of a story that has only just begun.

I could never imagine when in 2020 I started the Enimatik project alone that, less than 3 years later, it would reach such a degree of musical, visual and narrative development.Black Tears Rakkaani Remix is ​​the latest creation from Enimatik, I hope you like it and enjoy listening to it as much as we do...

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my darkest friend Renat Hassler, the Architect.

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