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At the end of this month, Enimatik has published Die to be born, a new song that develops the character and the story of the Noctis Voyager and Undergoth, that dark dimension that only a select few have been able to reach...

Die to be born continues exploring styles such as darktechno and industrial, being an aggressive and hard song. With stylistic and sonic similarities to Undergoth, this new song is perhaps even more darkwave. Not only because of the character of the sounds that I have used, but because of the story that it narrates.

The story

Die to be born reflects the feelings of the Noctis Voyager once he has left the Princess of Darkness behind and focuses on exploring the Undergoth dimension. It talks about his transition from the world we know through his physical death as a human being to full materialization on the Noctis Voyager. This is the second time he enters the Undergoth dimension (the first time he met the Princess of Darkness), and it seems that he will no longer be able to return to the world where he was born as a human being.

Those of you who already know the history of the Noctis Voyager through social networks, will know that the transition to the Undergoth dimension has not been through suicide. If that had been the case, he simply would not have been able to return from his first voyage. I conceive the transit as the step towards another dimension, another life, another existence that in reality for the Noctis Voyager has always been there. He always sensed that connection, that the Princess of Darkness managed to awaken.

With this song, Noctis Voyager says goodbye to his previous life, describes the emptiness that accompanied him, the sadness and loneliness that suffocated him, and how I feel that he had to die to be born in another place, another dimension. A dark dimension in which he has done nothing but begin to explore...

The music

Die to be born is perhaps the most danceable song on Enimatik, and in my opinion it is a mixture of darktechno and industrial styles. For the first time I have not used a bass track as such, but the synth sounds themselves are so forceful and aggressive at low frequencies they have been enough. I have tried to combine these sounds with atmospheric and deep pads in the choruses and the middle part, being a real challenge when it came time to mix.

I'm particularly proud of the rhythm part of the song, I think I got a great kick drum sound and processed the loops that accompany the rest of the elements in a very successful way. I love the sounds that I have chosen for the each and the hi-hats, I think they have a retro inspiration from the 90s, very techno-trance.

As for the voice tracks, I recorded three with different registers so that I could later choose the best takes. Later I recorded another two tracks with choirs in specific places in the song and processed them in depth. By the way, when you listen to the song you will see that I have not been the only person who has sung in it...

The mastering stage has been particularly good for me, I have quickly found the right settings to find the best possible sound. I must admit that achieving a compact and well-balanced mix from the beginning has certainly helped me a lot. I used a specific multi-band compressor preset that immediately won me over, as well as adding subtle analog tube simulation distortion to add character and rawness to the final master.

The pictures

As always, the photos of Renat that we have used for the cover and the promo on social networks are amazing. A deep, dark, enigmatic urbex, inspiring by itself. It took us a while to choose the photograph for the cover of the song, since I loved all of them, but finally we chose a simply magnificent one.

Each new photoset by Renat that I have the privilege of seeing fascinates me more and more. The use of black and white in these fascinating urban locations, without any filter, gives me inspiration and a feeling of total connectivity between music and image. It is something indescribable for me, I cannot explain it.

In our imagination the represents a transit, a passageway through Undergoth. You can't see what's hidden at the end of the corridor to the left, but you can guess. That supernatural light is the foretaste of something extraordinary, terrifying or celestial, we don't know...

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my friend Renat Hassler.