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Enimatik continues to explore new styles, sounds and environments. As a result, a new song is now available. Undergoth is very deep and special musical creation for me, with a cool story behind it, which started with Noctis Voyager. Do you want to know more?

The Noctis Voyager

You all already know, or should, the fascinating story that allowed me to meet Jane and Renat, and to shape what Enimatik has become today. Noctis Voyager was a refreshing change from previous songs, Enimatik turned to a gothic universe both aesthetically and musically, and introduced a character, the Noctis Voyager, and a story.

With Undergoth we have tried to develop the character of the Noctis Voyager, give it a more elaborate story, a deeper aesthetic. Helped by Renat's magnificent photographs, Undergoth was inspired by that gothic universe that we had previously outlined. A gothic, dark, urbex aesthetic, which presents a masked character who, in search of his beloved Princess of Darkness, travels dark paths in an unknown dimension.

The mask is a key element in the Noctis Voyager, and by extension, in Undergot. It symbolizes the only protection against horror, despair, the most terrible fears. As a curiosity, let me tell you that the mask used by Renta in the photographs is real, that is, fully operational. I am absolutely in love with the character, what he expresses, what he means to me...


Undergoth is the mixture of the words Underworld and Gothic, how simple isn't it? Musically speaking, it has been an easy song in its development, but complicated in terms of my interpretation of the vocal parts. I explain.

Following the influences of previous songs, Undergoth uses aggressive and forceful electronic sounds. Synthesizer sounds with filters, a bass line with powerful bass, a rhythmic part with a very elaborate programming... I am very happy with how the sounds have been fitting into the mix, taking into account the difficulty of separating the sounds by frequencies and achieve a good distribution in the stereo.

Regarding the vocal tracks, I have experimented with myself, recording 3 main tracks and 2 complementary tracks. I'm especially proud of one of these last tracks to which I applied a very elaborate distortion and filtering effect and which, in hindsight, I thought could be a voice performed behind a mask... I admit that it was difficult to find the specific interpretation of each of the tracks, plus each one of them in the mix was going to have a different treatment.

When it came to the pure composition, the sound universe created with previous songs was very inspiring to me, and the aesthetics of the photos of Jane made with so much love by Renat. Imagining the journey of the Noctis Voyager through the Undergoth, witnessing indescribable things beyond our knowledge, was the best possible guide. An aggressive melody in the verses and the introduction give way to a more melancholic chorus, more emotionally wrenching.

I am very proud of Undergoth, the mixing and mastering took me weeks due to the complexity of the set of tracks that make it up, but I think I have achieved a good result. Halfway through the creative process I got some very inspiring effects processing plugins, which served to give new nuances to both voices and electronic sounds.

I also got some new virtual instruments, specifically classic analog synth emulations, which gave me some very inspiring presets. Honestly, when it came to selecting sound presets, everything was coming together in a fantastic way.

I also wanted to thank my friend Adam from mtf8 for his help and advice when creating the lyrics of the song, honestly I can't think of a better person for this task...

To finish, just add that I think the universe outlined by Noctis Voyager and Undergoth deserves to be developed much more...

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