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We start April with a new song, Noctis lovers, which has a very intense story behind it. Enimatik evolves the characters created in previous songs, do you want to know how?

All of you who have been following Enimatik for a long time will know that the song Noctis Voyager meant a definitive turning point to darker sounds and musical styles. Undoubtedly influenced by the urbex aesthetic and Renat's work on her photosets, the idea of ​​creating a character, the Noctis Voyager, arose, which would be developed alongside the Princess of Darkness, which I already had in mind.

The song

Noctis lovers is a ballad with chillstep and synthwave influences, as always oscilating between different styles. I return to the sound of solo piano and angelic choirs from my first songs, along with very elaborate synthesizer sounds and a powerful rhythmic base.

I try to interpret three tracks with my own voice, a soloist with distortion and reverb effects, and two more clear and crystalline choirs. It has not been easy to find the fit in the mix of the vocal part, the voices are really a complicated element when it comes to fitting them into the whole of a song.

I have used a couple of cool arpeggiators with virtuals emulations of classic synthesizers that I think have given good results when it comes to accompanying the bass line and the main vocals melodies. In addition, being sounds that have been equalized by enhancing their high frequencies, they have fit very well into the mix, also providing greater stereo amplitude.

Noctis Lovers is a song with a rather elaborate rhythmic base. I have used loops with quite complex filter processing, I think they fit very well with the rest of the percussive sounds. The two snare sounds that appear in the song have an equalization applied and a reverb that is also quite elaborate. And I think the sound of the bass drum has been combined very well with that of the bass, which is very powerful in low frequencies, but does not interfere at any time in the final mix.

At the time of mixing and mastering the song I have had some new nearfield studio monitors, which have helped me a lot. They have provided me with a new reference in these important stages of the creation of Noctis lovers, and honestly I am very happy with the final result. I think I got a good sound and a very balanced mix.

The story

Noctis Lovers is the story of the reunion between the Noctis Voyager and the Princess of Darkness in the Undergoth dimension. I think it's a nice definitely romantic story, but dark and mysterious at the same time.

It's a wonderful feeling to create a story, some characters, a setting through some songs. Inspired by Jane and Renat, I have been able to shape a universe, the Undergoth dimension, over the course of previous songs, which we all just started to explode.

In this song the Noctis Voyager returns to the Undergoth dimension to reunite with the Princess of Darkness, after not finding meaning in his existence in this world. His previous and amazing trip was the first known of a human being to that unknown dimension, and for some strange reason, he was able to return. But now he feels that it won't be the same, that he won't be able to return but finally he will be able to be with his beloved for all eternity....

I am fascinated by the possibilities that the story of the Noctis Voyager offers, everything that we can develop it and the amount of possibilities that it offers us. Its aesthetics, that already mythical mask for us, the urbex locations, the gothic universe to which it transports us... I definitely think we are facing something very special.

The photograph of Jane that appears on the cover of the song is, for me, beauty made darkness and sensuality at the same time. I remember that I saw that photograph in Renat's files a long time ago, and I fell in love with it. I was just waiting for the moment to ask Jane's permission to use it, and create a song that was up to the task. 

In my imagination the photo represents the Princess of Darkness waiting for the Noctis Voyager, to become lovers, noctis lovers, forever....

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