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Well, hot summer is here and before I take some well-deserved vacations, Enimatik has created a remix of one of your favorite songs, Feel.

A very special remix, practically Enimatik has created a new song based on the original voices. Do you want to know more?

The idea

Feel was a very unique track, different from anything Enimatik had created before. I know that it is one of the songs with the most streams on all platforms and that it is included in numerous playlists.

My dear Jane Demonroads sang sublimely in the original version, adding character and wild sensuality to the vocals.

If we add to that the fantastic photoset of my darkest friend, Renat Hassler, Feel managed to have a unique character and personality as a song.

Actually the idea of ​​remixing Feel came after realizing that Jane and I had possibly made the best vocal recording together to date, and that those vocal tracks could do so much more.

Well, that, the three of us talked and got to work...

The technique

The first thing I did was open the Feel project in my sequencer and delete practically all the tracks except for the vocals and some synth tracks. He was very clear about what he was looking for, a more electronic and darker approach than the original version.

I made a totally new rhythmic part, more forceful and I think more elaborate, always looking for a vintage drum machine character. I was looking for a good conjunction with a totally new strong bass line, and that was going to define the song melodically.

Once I had a sufficient base, I sent Jane a demo with my reference voice, and asked her to record new voices for the chorus, since the acrodes had changed from the original version, and I couldn't use the voices that I already had. For my part, I had already recorded three new vocal tracks for the chorus and a new one for the verses. I was able to use heavily processed little snippets from the original version, which I loved.

Once I received the recordings from Jane, and after as always marveling at her natural talent for singing, I integrated them into the different tracks of the project. There began a hard work...

Regarding the voices, in the verses I had to work on three tracks, two mine and one of Jane. But it is that in the choruses there are six simultaneous tracks of voice. The complexity of mixing the voices in this remix has been quite a challenge, and I think the result has been Enimatik's best so far in this section. As usual I used a group track grouping all the vocal tracks together, applying compression, Eq, Desser and various Fx to each of them. Hard work but I think it was worth it.

Apart from the voices, the element that has served the most to vary the character of the original version has been the bass. I have achieved a very powerful bass line in my opinion, and it complements the kick drum very well. Many of the melodic changes have been produced by the variation of the original melody of this track.

I have used several classic synth tracks with arpeggiators, to which I have tried to add character with distortion and delay processing. At the same time, I have worked a lot on the transitions between the different parts of the remix, with very elaborate effects and sounds.

The feeling

What else can I say to express what Jane and Renat mean to me and to Enimatik...

The world is living in more turbulent times than usual now, and the three of us talk several times a week, more than usual. The worries, the fears, the uncertainties... the music is in charge of keeping them under control. Talking not only with Jane and Renat, but with many artist friends with whom I have established a cordial relationship, the feeling spreads everywhere, I think stronger than ever.

I think this will have happened to many of you, being in a world so changeable and hostile at times, and finding a refuge in music, a place of relaxation and meditation. I'm sure you know what I mean, in these last two years, since the birth of Enimatik, the world has changed, it will no longer be the same as before. Except in the passion that many of us feel for art, in any of its forms.

The feeling behind Feel Gaol Dorch Remix is ​​something very deep. A mixture of love, sadness, melancholy, lust... the lyrics of the song I think are ambiguous enough for each person who listens to it to let their imagination free.

Due to the times that we have lived through, perhaps this song is a call to passion, to the need to live each moment with our lovers intensely, to forget the sorrows that lie in wait for us but that will inevitably pass. I recently went out partying with one of my best friends, we got lost at night in Madrid, something we hadn't done for a couple of years because of the damn pandemic. The point is that it was a memorable night, we saw so many people eager to enjoy themselves, to make up for lost time, to enjoy the moment, in short, to feel...

Jane and Renat try to do the same, enjoy concerts, the night, good company. The reality we are in right now may not be calm or relaxed, but we must look to the future with optimism and hope.

In my country we have a phrase that I think can explain this feeling very well:

"How little we dare for how short life is..."

Do you dare to feel?

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