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 It is a pleasure for Enimatik to write a new post, as always, for more than two years. This time, our new song, Black Tears, is a hymn to the gothic and vampire theme that gradually we have been developing during this time. Keep reading...

Black Tears has been a challenge for Enimatik, both technically and artistically, given its complexity in terms of musical production and the aesthetic and thematic approach behind it. It is an incredible feeling to be creating the imaginary universe of Undergoth in parallel with my colleagues Jane and Renat, combining images, stories, music... 

I never imagined that Enimatik could have this magic for all of us. But now, let's discover Black Tears...

The song

I'm very happy to be able to mix styles like darktechno/darkwave with soulful vocal tracks and lyrics. When composing it is very easy, at least in my case, to be tempted to give more emphasis to the musical base than to the vocal tracks, since we interpret them ourselves. I started having a very clear idea of ​​the lyrics and the story that I wanted to sing with this song, what really cost me the most was finding the chords and the melody that accompanied them.

The intro and verses flowed smoothly, the programming and arrangements came almost directly from my mind to my sequencer, it was fantastic. On the other side, the chorus was changed many times, it was difficult for me to find a combination of chords and melody that would fit the lyrics and fully convince me. But I got it.

I have tried to create a dark atmosphere of electronic music through the use of pads and rhythmic bases with a lot of character, a lot of intentionality. I think Black Tears, musically speaking, is a song with a lot of personality, in which it is difficult to guess a clear influence of a specific song or band. The rhythmic base took a lot of work, the processing and mixing of its dedicated bus in my sequencer has made my CPU suffer, LOL.

I've used vintage electronic drum kits, inspired by '80s and '90s classic drum machines, for the kick, snare, cymbals, and hi-hats. Then, as I always do, I added a few loops of different styles, trying and trying until I found a combination that worked for me. Loop processing has mostly been aimed at removing low frequencies and adding character via distortion and Eq plugins.

As for the vocal tracks, I think I´ve processed my own voice nicely given the large number of simultaneous voices in the choruses, five on this song. It takes a lot of time, at least in my case, to edit the voices, since I have to remove noise and unwanted frequencies before I start mixing them. Besides, there are a couple of vocal tracks with very elaborate delay and distortion effects processing.

I think that Black Tears is a deeply dark song, it symbolizes a farewell, the nostalgia for something that I cannot be, all expressed with words and notes. I don't know if when you listen to it you will feel sadness or melancholy, I think that each one of us feels the music in a personal and unique way. I just hope you feel the depth of feeling that Enimatik has put into this new creation.

The story

Every story has a beginning, and an end. But perhaps in Undergoth the stories are simply hidden...

Black Tears narrates the reunion of Noctis Voyager with the Princess of Darkness, that immortal vampiric goddess who granted him eternal life. Through the story narrated on the Enimatik profile on Instagram, @enimatik, for so long, you will already know the nature of the Undergoth dimension, that dark and gothic universe that is slowly taking shape thanks to all our contributions.

The Noctis Voyager gets many of the answers he was looking for, but not all, and he must go in search of the Architect, the creator of the interdimensional connections. Delve back into the depths of Undergoth, of the unknown, of the deepest and most inhospitable horror, unimaginable for the human being, since a catastrophic event is brewing, something that would end everything known, and everything unknown...

Thanks to the magnificent vampire photoset made by Jane and Renat, and which you can admire in this post, Enimatik has been able to develop the character of the Princess of Darkness to unsuspected limits. It excites me to think about the development of this character since her beginnings in Darkness Diva, her evolution into an immortal vampiric goddess who guides the Noctis Voyager to Undergoth.

In my opinion, Renat masterfully unites the urbex aesthetic with the vampire theme in this photoset, where Jane simply dazzles as a beautiful, terribly mysterious and seductive vampire. I love the combination of lights and shadows in this photoset, taken at sunset and which manages to capture the last hours of the day, anticipating twilight...

The photo we chose for the cover of Black Tears is simply amazing. I find it hard to find another photograph that is capable of uniting so many things, such as Jane's natural beauty, the mystery surrounding the vampire myth, the chilling drops of blood that adorn Jane's body, those eyes as deep as the gothic universe of Undergoth...

I feel simply privileged to have been able to start the Enimatik project and to have met people like Jane and Renat who have helped me transcend the purely musical realm. Being able to unite such a beautifully dark aesthetic with songs that evolve with each new release only fills me with pride and gratitude.

The story of the Noctis Voyager, from Undergoth, is simply amazing to me. What started as an idea to use Renat's photographs on the covers of Enimatik has given way to something much more complex and exciting, whose future development we are not able to predict. New characters will join, like the empty fate force of my friend mtf8, who will contribute to gradually expanding this dark and mysterious universe.

It is something that is increasing exponentially. Our creative flow is expanding as we create new content based on Undergoth. Being able to create art, combining image, music and narrative, I think is something very special, it allows us to experiment with ideas that could not have arisen in any other way. It is wonderful to be able to compose keeping in mind not only my musical inspiration, but also with the contributions of people as talented as those who have joined the Enimatik project so far.

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my darkest friend Renat Hassler, the Architect.

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