Friday, January 6, 2023


Enimatik kicks off this new year with a very special remix. For the first time I am remixing a song by another artist, and I think the occasion deserved that it be someone as loved and cool as my friend mtf8, specifically his song Null.

The story

You already know that mtf8 is one of Enimatik's favorite artists, in fact he has gone through the community section of the web and is also part of my playlist, Noctis Voyagers.

After last summer we both started talking about the possibility of doing a remix of one of his songs. It would be the first time that Enimatik would do it, since my previous remixes of Lost inside myself and Feel are of my own songs.

He sent me several tracks to choose from his next album, and after listening to all of them carefully I decided on Null. A song in which I found the majestic voice of my friend mtf8 in its purest form, and a dark and enigmatic melody that I loved.

After telling him my decision, he sent me the necessary midi and wav files, and after loading everything into my sequencer and making sure everything was correct, I started working on various ideas.

Due to previous planning, I had to interrupt my work with Null since another Enimatik theme (Hard) was going to be released very soon. But once I had the space and time to dedicate myself exclusively, I went to work to be able to make a remix of Null at the level of the original song.

It was something very easy and natural for me to link mtf8 within the Undergoth universe that Enimatik is developing on Instagram (don't you know it yet?), his idea of ​​appearing not as a proper character but as a mysterious force, the empty fate force, was wow, amazing. I truly believe that together we are creating something unique and special...

The music

With Null I wanted to do, from the beginning, a very Enimatik remix. For this reason I had to practically start from scratch, I only kept a pad track and the dry voices from the original files. Despite the little starting point, in my mind I was very clear about what I wanted to do, so it was just a matter of starting to work.

First I selected hard and expressive synth sounds with which to trace additional melodic lines. I used a very powerful bass sound along with a rhythmic base at the same tempo as the original song, but totally different. I wouldn't know how to classify the remix in a specific style, since honestly he didn't pay much attention to specific styles when creating music, but I suppose that hardwave, darksinth and electro could welcome it.

Once I had an outline of the musical base, I started working on the vocal tracks. Some very well recorded vocal tracks, not very extensive but with a very cool character and expressiveness. I practically did not have to edit the samples, and when processing them I focused mainly on the effects, since the quality of the recordings did not require much work in terms of eq and compression.

Thanks to a powerful set of audio processing plugins that I have recently acquired, I think I have achieved a great level in the mix in this remix, both in terms of audio quality and in the musical production itself. I've experimented with automated filters, distortions... which I think have brought a lot of character to the remix.

I have not kept the original structure of the song, mtf8 gave me complete freedom to work, something that I appreciate and that surely has had a positive influence on the final result.

And I have not had any uncertainty or doubt regarding the result of the remix, I had full confidence from mtf8 and I knew that we could do something special. I remember when I sent him a first demo and he enthusiastically confirmed that I was on the right track, I had no doubts about it. When you feel that when creating a song everything flows naturally, you know that you can express all your talent and all your abilities, it's a wonderful feeling.

The cover of the remix has been created by mtf8, I love it, it's very minimalist and dark, very different from the usual Enimatik ones.

For the promo I have been able to count on photographs of my darkest friend, Renat. I have used photographs of the Noctis Voyager and urbex-themed, which have served to set the story in which mtf8 becomes part of the Undergoth universe. It's wonderful that everything is coming together this way, isn't it?

It has been an enriching experience remixing Null. First for the opportunity to work with another musician, mtf8, a guy as endearing as he is talented, good people and with a personal story that is very similar to my own.

Secondly, for having worked with new voices different from Jane's and mine, something that has certainly helped me find inspiration, and that everything flowed in such a cool way.

And third, because the remix has turned out really well, it sounds fantastic and it's a practically new song. I'm very proud that mtf8 will think of me to remix Null, I think we're both totally right to collaborate with each other.

Listen to it