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This 2022 is coming to an end, another stormy year (and there are a few...), and Enimatik celebrates it with a new track. A remix of one of our first songs together, Lost inside myself, and that reflects our musical evolution throughout this time. 

The music

This is the third remix I've made of our own songs, after Gothicromance and Feel, and the truth is that I find the process more exciting every time. Not only for creating a practically new song, but for being able to change both at the programming and mixing level and at the same time using almost the same voice tracks as a base.

Lost Inside myself in its original version, sung together with my dear Jane, becomes with the Kulasteni remix an even more dark-electronic song, with a rhythmic base never seen before in Enimatik, and preserving that magic that I think it possesses.

When starting with the remix, the first thing I did was delete and delete tracks and mix presets, I wanted to keep only the voice tracks, and the bass line. I wanted to start practically from scratch.

In the choruses I considered it appropriate to keep the chords practically unchanged, but for the verses I decided to create something new, different. New bass line, and more aggressive instrumental arrangements than the originals, with more energetic sounds than in the original version.

Regarding the vocal tracks, I just had to add a new one with my voice, the rest of the originals were fantastic. I tried them with new dynamics and equalization plugins, and I think the result has been very good. Clearer and sharper voices at the same time as better blended with the musical base.

The rhythm section has completely changed on the new remix. It's still at 75bpm, but it's really been completely redone. It's more forceful and aggressive than the original, I think the sound of the bassdrum has been marvelous, combining perfectly with a bass line with tons of sub-bass frequencies.

A for the rest of the sounds, I have used the same pad sound as in the original version but with variations in the verses, since it acts as a kind of lead, while in the chorus it plays chords. The rest of the sounds have been replaced practically all. I have used synths with arpeggiators, with aggressive classic sounds and with a lot of character. I'm very happy with the conjunction of all of them, I think they really give the remix a special touch.

Regarding the mix, the challenge has been to combine the complex set of vocal tracks with the musical base, it is what has brought the most work. I've used low pass and high pass filters to try to differentiate the different sounds in harmony, and I've also used two group tracks for vocals and drums specifically.

I think I have achieved a very balanced and clear mix for this remix, without a doubt the new plugins that I am using and the accumulated experience make the result better and better in my humble opinion.

Once again, a photoset of my darkest friend Renat has served as inspiration and image for a new Enimatik creation. Words can't describe the connection the three of us have, Jane appears as dazzling and mysterious as Princess of Darkness... I love that enigmatic and disturbing nature of the photos in this photoset, they show in my imagination a vampire goddess in calm and romantic times.

The story

The Noctis voyager continues its journey through the Undergoth dimension, when suddenly it feels an unknown, powerful threat. Something that chases him to finish him off, inexorably.

The emtpy fate force is an ancient entity that, for some reason, has always followed him, in his life as a human and now in this dark universe. Something chilling, a force with a life of its own, an entity as strange as it is powerful. Something originating from the depths of the Undergoth dimension, birthplace of all the terrors and nightmares of humanity since the beginning of time.

His darker friend, the Arthitect, has apparently also embarked on a long voyage, of which Noctis Voyager has no further news at this time...

Only the Princess of Darkness can offer him answers, and for this reason he begins the path back to his beloved, whom he misses so much. It will not be an easy or short journey.

He must return to the side of that immortal vampiric goddess who granted him eternal life by showing him the way to the Undergoth dimension not once, but twice.

He has a feeling that when he meets her again he will get all the answers he seeks, and then some...

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my darkest friend Renat Hassler, the Architect.

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