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Enimatik is really proud to present you its new work, Hard. A song, wow, I don't know how to explain it, fucking horny. And very dark... 🧛🧛🧛

Well yes, Hard is a song that I don't think leaves anyone indifferent. A song that develops the darkwave style in the manner of Enimatik, with a highly worked visual aesthetic by Renat, with a majestic vocal performance by Jane... do you want to know more?

The song

Hard delves into hard synth sounds, aggressive arpeggios and a danceable rhythm base with a lot of character. I have always been fascinated by the power of synthesizers to capture feelings through dark and enigmatic sounds, and in this song we have tried to transmit and capture many things.

Someone has told me that it reminds him of the darkest times of Depeche Mode... we wish we could get even vaguely close to the majesties of the darksynth. Although it is true that they have influenced me a lot in the sound conception of the song, and in my youth. 

Despite the difficulties that we all live in these times, Renat and Jane managed to make several very very dark photosets, absolutely inspiring concepts, keeping in mind this song and its theme. We all chose one of them, the vamp photoset, pure dark art.

With clear references to vampire mythology, both in the lyrics and in the choice of certain sounds, Hard reveals in my imagination a mythology that I am passionate about, like my partners in the dark...

I think Jane's voice and mine have come together fantastically well on this song. We sing at the same time practically at all times, but thanks to our obviously different voice´s tones and the processing in the audio sequencer, the result is very successful in my opinion.

I have used new Eq plugins that have come to me recently, and I think I have achieved a very good mix of the song, getting, especially at the end of it, that all the sounds and voices are clearly differentiated. I am very proud especially of the conjunction of the bass and the rhythm tracks, I really love it.

The history

It has been a long road, but in the end the Noctis Voyager has managed to discover the true nature of the Princess of Darkness. A truth that, despite the supernatural abilities he has possessed since he died and entered the Undergoth dimension, he has not been able to fully predict.

An immortal, legendary being, whom multiple human cultures have feared and adored at the same time. A supernatural entity capable of time and space travel from the Undergoth dimension. A creature of the night that takes life but at the same time can provide eternal life... have you guessed it yet?

Yes, she is a vampire.

Enimatik goes even deeper into the gothic and dark culture, I can't think of a more appropriate mythology than the vampire to develop new sources of inspiration. I love seeing how Hard's dark electronic sound fits perfectly into my imagination with a creature terrifying but amazing at the same time.

I am excited to see how together we have been able to create an imaginary universe, the Undergoth dimension, in which we can unleash our creativity. I could not have imagined at the beginning of Enimatik's journey that after a little over two years, the project would grow like this and almost take on a life of its own. 

I would like to make special mention to the difficult circumstances of these times for many of us, and how the art, that unites us in the distance, manages to evade us and is a magnificent way of escape. Really, it's always been like this, right?

Perhaps we are exploring themes that we were all previously passionate about, and perhaps this sound and visual exploration will take us to unsuspected territories. 

Believe me when I tell you that Enimatik emerged on a sad night at the beginning of the fucking pandemic that we all suffer, and that this song has served as an escape route and fresh air to cope with the shitty war that started a few months ago and that sucks so much.

Art is feeling, and feeling is freedom. It's all so exciting...

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