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It is an honor for Enimatik to present to you their second EP, Dark love. A compilation of the most romantic songs that I have published, but in which each one of them has been improved compared to the original. Do you want to know how?

I have always wanted Enimatik to not only focus on a specific style of electronic music, but for me to have enough creative freedom to research and develop new ideas. From the most aggressive darksynth to the sweetest chillstep, I have always tried to make Enimatik's music faithful to my particular vision, my feelings, my emotions.

Enimatik's first EP, Anilatian, was an incredible experience. In August 2021 I compiled my first two songs, Arikflow and Avalum, along with two new songs. It is pure chillstep, downtempo, future bass to take an introspective, relaxed trip. I am so proud of Anilatian, in many ways it was a dream come true for me, and its publication coincided with a difficult time for everyone, right?

The idea

Meeting Jane, Renat, mtf8 and Claire meant a profound change for Enimatik. All of them have been a source of inspiration, creativity and good vibes, you have no idea what they have meant to me. Talented, creative and quality people.

Dark love emerged as an idea after looking back and seeing the fantastic collection of songs that has been forming since 2020, when the Enimatik project was born. I felt the need to compile and improve the 5 most romantic Enimatik songs, to give them a common identity, a special prominence.

After listening to them carefully, I felt able to improve the sound of each of them, given the improvement in the technological equipment that I have compared to the date they were originally composed, and my own accumulated experience. The process in each of them has been different, ranging from a simple new mix to practically a new remix. The most wonderful thing of all is the excitement I felt when reopening the old projects in my sequencer, they had been waiting for this for years...

The songs

Darknes Diva was the first song that Jane and Renat collaborated on with Enimatik. A beautiful instrumental ballad with a wonderful photo by Renat of our dear Jane. I still remember how excited she was when she heard the song for the first time, and how Renat and I began to forge the darkest of friendships...

The song has been completely remastered, I have tried to give it a more precise equalization to highlight high frequencies and control the lows and mids. Thanks to the new plugins that I have, and comparing the original with the new version, I can assure you that the result is very good, I have achieved more clarity and presence for this beautiful song.

Princess of darkness has been the song on the EP with the most modifications. I recorded tracks of my voice again, added new arrangements, mixed and mastered the song afterwards. It was all very easy, everything flowed almost without realizing it once I opened the original project in my sequencer.

It is practically a remix of the original song, on which he has worked a lot at the mixing level, making a special effort on the vocal tracks. It was already a beautiful song in my opinion, I think I just let it develop, expand to transmit all its magic.

And as Jane says, the cover photo looks like it was made for the song.

Lost inside myself Kultaseni Remix has perhaps been the song that has had the least changes. The original version of the remix turned out so well in my opinion that I have actually limited myself to attenuating the mid frequencies a little, without needing to remaster.

Jane's and my vocal tracks were great at the time, when recording the original version of the song, so I haven't felt the need to open the project again, just vary some nuances in the master. I love how this song turned out after the remastering, I think the low frequencies of the kick drum and bass are punchy and subtle at the same time, I love them.

Alterlove did not have to be mixed again, I just worked with it on the new mastering process. Of the five songs that make up the Dark Love EP, perhaps this is the most classic song in terms of arrangements, with an emotional and deep string sound in some of its parts, and very pop-style instrumental arrangements.

The mastering has sought to better control the mid frequencies of the bass line and the piano, and at the same time add more brightness in the high frequencies. I am very proud of the process and the result, the new plugins that I have been acquiring have allowed me to be more precise when trying to improve the songs, both old and new.

The last song on the EP, Noctis lovers, has been remixed, and I have added new tracks of my voice. The remixing process has been so deep that the sound is really different from the original version. I haven't changed sounds or melodies, but I did work a lot to obtain maximum clarity in the mix, so that all the sounds had their own space and gave their best.

I have added as I said before new recordings for my vocal tracks, and in the final part I have added a complete new track. And the tracks that I have kept have been processed again, being in my opinion better than in their original version. Noctis Lovers may be the song on the EP that has required the most work at the vocal level, but I think the effort has been worth it.


Dark love has taken me quite a few hours of work, I wanted Enimatik's second EP to be something very special, according to a vision, an idea that fascinated me from the moment it arose in my head. I think the five songs have been improved compared to their original versions, what does not change is the feeling, the emotions that Enimatik has put into each of them.

Finally, I sincerely hope that those of you who knew these songs feel the same as I do when listening to them, and that you can appreciate the love and dedication that I have put into the EP.

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