Sunday, August 15, 2021



As those of you who regularly follow Enimatik will know, it all started last year during the lockdown in my country. In the midst of uncertainty and sadness, I started composing again after almost 15 years of silence, and the result was Anilatian...

Anilatian is an EP with my first five songs as Enimatik, and it was released in August of last year on most streaming platforms. Now is when I have decided to publish it on bandcamp, and dedicate these lines to it.

These first five Enimatik songs are instrumental chillout/ambient style, they are serene and calm music to listen to and relax. I have a lot of affection for all of them, they meant a lot at the time, my return to composition after so many years, a means of escape from the despair I felt for this damn pandemic that still plagues us today. They were composed before meeting Jane and Renat, which, as you already know, represented an evolution both on a musical and aesthetic level for Enimatik.

I remember when, for some mysterious reason, in March of last year, traumatized by the situation caused by the damn pandema, I decided to buy a master keyboard, software, a sound card and monitors, in addition to updating my computer.

Once the system was set up, playing the first few chords was magical. The knowledge and creativity were still there, they had been latent for almost fifteen years, patiently waiting for their return. Enimatik's first song, Arikflow, marked the return of the illusion and love that I have always felt for music, and that due to life circumstances, were buried for so long. It was like coming home...

The five songs, which you should already listen to 😜, have their own blog entry, where you can learn much more about them.






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