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We started the summer with our first remix, a new experience for Enimatik, which is being fascinating for us.

Gothicromance was one of our first songs together, and deep down, I always had the feeling that we could delve into its essence much more. Do you want to know how we did it?


Gothicromance was initially released in November of last year, and it quickly became very popular, in fact, it is one of Enimatik's most streamed songs of all time. It was the second song, after Darkness Diva, which featured the collaboration of Jane and Renat, who are already part of Enimatik as you know. And it belongs to Enimatik's dark series, which followed the chill series made up of my first five songs. Here you have the link to his original post:


This song was a mix of darkwave and synthpop. an experiment that allowed me to advance musically to discover darker nuances in the textures and arrangements. I tried to convey an urban, decadent and sensual atmosphere, through the use of pads with LFOs, filtered loops and melancholic strings.

The cover photo of Renat in my opinion is simply magnificent, it perfectly reflects the mixture of beauty, sensuality and darkness that tells the story starring my beloved inspiration Jane.

The remix

As the months passed and new Enimatik songs were born, I continued to investigate musically, influenced by styles such as industrial, darkwave, electro or the darker chillstep. A couple of months ago I acquired new plug-ins and virtual instruments that broadened my spectrum of sounds and creative possibilities, and an idea began to emerge.

Deep down, I thought that Gothicromance deserved a second version, a darker approach, which thanks to the new tools, I could finally realize. As soon as I finished publishing Lost inside myself, I searched for the original project on my sequencer...

The process to create the remix was straightforward. From the original project I eliminated the rhythmic part, effects, practically all the arrangements, and I kept the main melody of the piano, a pad with the chords and the bass line. I reset the mixer and started experimenting...

I changed some chord progression first, then redo the bass line. Then I was choosing inspiring sounds and little by little elaborating the rhythmic part, all with a new approach. I increased the song's timing slightly as well, and at this point the progression in remixing increased exponentially.

I have kept some sounds from the original version. like the voice preset and the piano, although the latter has a very elaborate effect processing. Regarding the rhythmic part, the kick drum is much more powerful and forceful, the snare has a different effects processing, and the loops are really inspiring, they alternate to give a progression that hooks.

When it comes to mixing and mastering, I have sought, given the different character of the remix compared to the original version, more forcefulness and a process with lofi and distortion effects. I have also experimented with complex effects processing plugins, my latest acquisitions, and I am really very satisfied with the result, they are absolutely great. Being able to combine a multitap delay with a synchronized filter is a delight...

That cover...

What else can I say about the photographic art of my friend Renat?

The cover photo of the remix belongs to the same photoset as the original song, but it is even sexier, more sensual and darker. Jane appears simply as a goddess of dark beauty. I could never imagine that in my mind such a deep connection could be produced between an image and a song. In the post of the original version of Gothicromance you have a broader vision of the story behind the song, with more visual content from Renat and Jane, do not miss it.

For the remix promo I have also used photographs of Renat, creating small music videos for my social platforms. I am very proud of the result, the truth is that, within my limitations, I am finding it exciting to mix visual content with Enimatik's music.

Initially Gothicromance Mo Cuishle Remix is ​​going to be exclusively available on Bandcamp, I think that for the remixes that Enimatik can do, it makes a lot of sense...


At January 20th, 2022, the song is already available on all streaming platforms....

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*All the photos of the covers of the songs that appear in this post are the work of my friend Renat Hassler.