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It is an honor for me to present a new song, after several months, by Enimatik with Jane Demonroads, my dear friend and the most adorable inspiration that an artist could have found. You want to know more?

I can safely say that Inmortal is, in my opinion, the best song that Enimatik has made to date. Both in terms of sound quality, mixing, composition, and most importantly for us, the feelings inside.

The creation process has lasted exactly three months, from the first sketch with the basic chords to mastering. During this time I have felt like a sculptor, like a painter, polishing every detail, every brushstroke, every sound, with constant care and attention.

Following the usual process, when I had a first basic reference of the song, I sent it to Jane, a version without vocals and another with my vocals. While she took her time recording her vocal tracks, I can focus on pure music production. From the beginning it was clear to me that Enimatik had to create a slow but energetic song, romantic but deeply gothic and dark, with powerful and sweet sounds at the same time. It was not an easy challenge, but I can proudly say that my modest music production studio is optimized to capture my ideas very efficiently.

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for Immortal has been the, as always, spectacular photoset of my darkest friend, Renat Hassler. An amazing photoset made in an abandoned cemetery, with a beautiful Jane characterized as a goddess of darkness, an immortal vampire in search of something...

The quality of the photographs is very cool, the management of the lights in such an intoxicating environment, at dusk. The capture, as always, as only he knows how to do, of a past moment, for all eternity.

In the chronological order in which the song promo was made, Jane is seen walking among the tombs, enigmatic, mysterious, in search of something specific. The evening lights slowly, until finally she stops in front of a tomb.

I fell in love with the cover photo the first time I saw it, I felt something so special, so connected to the essence of Enimatik, that I was simply waiting for the opportunity to create a song from it. It's something I can't describe, but the three of us, Jane, Renat and I, are connected in some way.

Getting back to the music part, once Jane sent me her vocal tracks, I inserted them into the project on my sequencer, and spent some time editing them and placing them precisely next to mine. As we had agreed, Jane recorded a version of her voice synchronized with my tone, and another with variations.

As soon as I could hear our voices together, I was simply amazed. I want to highlight that Jane does not have any type of musical or vocal training, she does not have advanced recording tools, but she is capable of intoning, of making tone alterations artistically, in a natural way. She has a special gift.

As you know, at the beginning of this century I dedicated myself professionally to the music industry as the owner of a commercial recording studio. I worked with artists, many of them, not big names of course, but very varied in terms of talent and style. I sincerely believe that Jane's merit is enormous, her innate talent is the focus of my attention, I would like to develop it more and more, so that she gets the recognition she deserves.

Regarding the mix, it was complicated given the number of tracks that the project handled. But honestly, it wasn't difficult since I liked the song more and more as I progressed in the process. There are songs that are more difficult to produce than others, for various reasons, but Immortal, being one of the most complex that Enimatik has done, was really fluid.

For me all Enimatik songs are special, they carry within them the best of me, my feelings. But with Immortal I really am so, so proud. I suppose that regarding the quality of sound and mixing it is logical, my studio has been evolving over the years, incorporating new and cool production tools. Over time I have also been refining my skills as a music producer, perfectly matching my ideas to the sound that Enimatik creates. But Immortal is something special...

To finish this post, I wanted to thank, once again, from the bottom of my heart, my dear friends Jane and Renat, for their constant support, musically and personally, they know what I mean...

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*All the photos that appear in this post are the work of my darkest friend Renat Hassler, the Architect.

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