Thursday, February 1, 2024



Enimatik starts 2024 with a new remix, practically a new song, of Undergoth. A composition originally created in March 2022, which was a turning point in my musical path. Do you want to know more?

Undergoth, almost two years ago, meant an important turn for Enimatik towards more aggressive sounds and styles, such as darktechno, electro... that had previously only been outlined. A song with a lot of character and forcefulness, with deep and enigmatic lyrics. The idea of ​​making a remix arose at the end of last year, and as on previous occasions, since I had a progressive feeling that the original song could be developed much further. From the first moment I was clear that the vocal tracks would remain, but that the musical base was going to be greatly changed.


It's amazing how easily and quickly remixes of old songs emerge in my mind. My dear Jane recently asked me exactly what the process was like, when I decided that an Enimatik song was going to have a second chance.

Well, the truth is that I simply believe that the songs that are more than two years old have matured enough in my head to be able to develop, taking advantage of the original vocal tracks as always, but giving them a totally new approach. Furthermore, as the months go by, my musical technological arsenal increases and ideas arise as I compose new songs.

I started by rescuing presets of interesting sounds for the new remix of the original song, especially that warm synthetic pad that I like so much. I also rescued the electronic drum kits and really little else, maybe some Fx. I intended to create something totally different, and, by muting the vocal tracks, I began creating the new song. It was a magical process, I mean composing a new song and waiting for the moment to match the vocal tracks to a new melody and chords.

I love the sounds of classic analog synths, and for the remix I used several beautiful arpeggiated sounds, which I think add warmth and character to the final result. I have also used synthetic leads in some parts, influenced by trance, dance and techno styles. The parts of the song were pouring out of my head, it really was a fluid process to structure the remix.

As for the vocal tracks, I have recorded an additional new track, I wanted to give them more force. This has allowed me to use three vocal tracks in the choruses, panning two of them and leaving the central one as the predominant voice. I think the difference with respect to the original version is big and, in any case, for the better.

All pre-existing vocal tracks have been remixed from scratch. New equalization, new compression, new effects... I think I've gotten the best out of them, integrating them very well with the rest of the sounds. I really liked the reverb effect that I have applied to the auxiliary voice bus, it is very pleasant, deep, equalized so that it does not muddy the mix in high frequencies, I have also used a delay effect on the vocals with a synchronized filter on some specific tracks, I think it works really well.


The truth is that the mastering process has been fast, I think because the mix turned out great, very balanced and attractive. I don't know if it was due to the new effects, especially equalization, that I have been using for a few months, but the truth is that this remix has had a final mix that I love.

I think I have achieved a very wide stereo mix, which allows you to hear all the sounds very clearly and sharply. To the above I have added a very careful equalization in each of the tracks, trying to get the best out of them.

That is why mastering the remix has been relatively simple, using appropriate presets from the start it has not been difficult for me to find the sound I was looking for. First a dedicated monitoring to have an image of what was missing or not, then a slight corrective equalization, a powerful multiband compression and finally a maximizer that simulates a tube processor. Really cool.

I sincerely think that Undergoth Nattreiser remix has a fantastic sound, and that the rhythm and melody they have are very cool. Not only because of the quality of the mix, of which I am so proud, but also because I think it has a successful mix of electronic music styles, such as edm, techno, darkwave...

I really hope that you like this new Enimatk song as much as I do, there really is no better way to start the year, right?

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